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10 And he replied, “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid because I am naked, so I hid myself.” Genesis 03 : 10-10 (LEB)
10 וַיֹּ֕אמֶר אֶת־קֹלְךָ֥ שָׁמַ֖עְתִּי בַּגָּ֑ן וָאִירָ֛א כִּֽי־עֵירֹ֥ם אָנֹ֖כִי וָאֵחָבֵֽא׃ Genesis 03 : 10-10 (LHB)

If you read this verse in light of verse 8, you realize that the "you" (i.e. "the sound of you") is Yahweh God, and titularly by circumlocution, the Presence of Yahweh.