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Son Build Me A House Church Resources

This is a _wikis devoted to sharing resources for the churches planted in line with vision of "Son Build Me a House." We planted in Spring 2017.

H2H (House-to-House) Calendar


T.E.D.S. (Tradition⇠Exegesis⇠Doctrine⇠Scripture)

We use T.E.D.S. as a helpful acronym to explain our priority of living out the Scriptures, or right living in response to the Bible. We end up with Traditions (what we actually do in response to Scripture) ⇢ that come from Exegesis (our attempt to thoroughly interpret Scripture), ⇢ that comes from Doctrine (the passages of Scripture we select to build on as reference points), ⇢ that comes from Scripture itself (the 66 books we believe the Holy Spirit pushed on the church as faithful covenant testimony).